Start with science

Lunar Synq Technology® and Solar Synq Technology® (our clinically proven, patent-pending proprietary complexes) sync your skin's clock genes to optimize each cell's ability to perform daytime tasks and nighttime chores. This has been shown to regulate the skin’s circadian rhythm and support the  natural biological process enhancing the skin’s ability to perform its daytime tasks to protect from environmental aggressors and the nighttime chores to rejuvenate and restore
Get in Syn(q)

Experience Althaea Skin's Solar Synq Technology® and Lunar Synq Technology®.

Your skin has a natural circadian rhythm that syncs with the sun's daily cycles. This rhythm can be disrupted by stress, jet lag, and blue light exposure. When out of sync, your skin shows signs of fatigue, and its overall wellness suffers.

Just like moisturizing, paying attention to your skin’s circadian rhythm is crucial. During the day, your skin handles important tasks like protecting against UV damage and pollutants. At night, it focuses on repairing and renewing itself. 

Keeping your skin’s daily and nightly routines aligned enhances its ability to stay healthy and bright.

Energize your skin

CARA is more than just a skincare tool, it’s a revolution in skincare. This innovative device harnesses the combined power of three cutting-edge energies to deliver results you can see and feel.

C∙A∙R∙A Multi-Modal Tool

Clarify to soothe breakout-prone and sensitive skin

Activate ingredients to supercharge efficacy and improve results

Restore the appearance of skin’s plumpness and glow

Amplify rejuvenation when it matters most

Types and uses:

LED red and blue light: anti-aging and clarifying for a calm, balanced complexion

Electric Muscular Stimulation (EMS): smoothing and improving the appearance of facial contours

Low Radio Frequency (RF): to visibly improve tone, texture, and the appearance of  fine lines